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All day, every day, win bigger on slots, table games and more.


Loyalty Club

Earn up to 10% cashback in real money rewards.

bitcasino android app small

The Android app

Over 2,600 games in the palm of your hand.



Get to the top in thrilling tournaments with massive prizes.


VIP club

Exclusive experiences for our most loyal players.


Casino Boost

Enjoy additional profits on top of your winnings.



All day, every day, win bigger on slots, table games and more.

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Step into a world of fun, fast and fair gaming experience here in Bitcasino. A treasure trove of games, bonuses, payment options and more are waiting for you. Rise to the occasion by testing your abilities in single-player and multiplayer games. There are challenging slots, roulette and poker games that can upgrade your skills. Buckle up and have the best ride of your life in Bitcasino.

Gambling is more fun in Bitcasino

Bitcasino is one of the top licensed platforms perfect for the ultimate online casino gaming experience. With our large array of up to 2,000 game choices, enjoy the infinite probabilities of winning and playing to your heart’s desire.

Transactions in Bitcasino is easy and fast because of the different options available such as paying through Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies. There are also different payment methods available that are fit for online gambling such as e-wallets and credit or debit cards. Gamble with high stakes and reap the best rewards! It’s more fun in Bitcasino and here are the reasons why:

Clean and organized layout

The first thing you can notice in Bitcasino’s website is its minimalistic and well-arranged assortment of features. It is easy to navigate since it’s sorted out into different categories such as trending games, different themes and the best live casino games among others. The more you scroll through the main page, the more you see everything you need to know like testimonials and Bitcasino news.

Great bonuses and different offers

The moment you start your Bitcasino journey, you are instantly greeted with an amazing welcome bonus. This is just one of the many bonuses available in our casino. We also have bonuses for returning players such as reload and cashback bonuses. Besides this, Bitcasino has interesting offers for our loyal users like getting your status upgraded into VIP. Visit our website to know more about this in detail.

Simple and fast registration process

To register in Bitcasino, you can press the orange ‘Sign Up’ button in the uppermost part of our website. If you are a returning player, click the ‘Login’ tab instead. For a smoother experience, create an account using any of the popular platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram or Line. Start playing immediately after your account is made.

Amazing demo play options

Kickstart your online casino gaming by using our free trial feature! Demo play in Bitcasino is a great opportunity to understand the mechanics of the game before placing a bet. It’s an interesting experience especially for beginners because it’s your chance to play whatever you want without risks.

Lots of quick and convenient payment options

In a snap of a finger, transactions in Bitcasino are hassle-free and fast. There are different kinds of payment options available for you such as e-wallets, debit or credit cards and cryptocurrencies. Examples of these are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin to name a few. With these options, you can make a deposit or withdrawal within a short amount of time. Moreover, your personal information is safe from any harm.

Fun and fair algorithm

The best gaming providers use a random number generator (RNG) for fair gameplay. Since Bitcasino partnered with gaming providers that are Provably Fair, your gaming experience on our website is ensured to have an unbiased result. Moreover, our licenses to operate are issued by Curacao Gaming and the United Kingdom Gambling Association.

Around the clock Help Center

Whenever you have concerns or questions, our support team has your back. Contact our Help Center whenever you need us. Reach us through our live chat feature that translates into different languages such as French, Korean and Portuguese.

Reputable online presence

Your comfort is our top priority here in Bitcasino. We provide a fun gaming experience with our wide selection of games, fast transactions and 24/7 Help Center. Moreover, we are well-recognized in the industry as one of the fastest rising online casino platforms around the world.

New Games En

Fresh and exciting catalogue of games

Life is more enjoyable with online games because they allow you to play whatever you want, whenever you can. It is a great way to hone your skills, improve your memory, earn extra money and have a great time without worries. Find the best selection of casino games here in Bitcasino. We’ve rounded up the top category of games in Bitcasino:


With a press of a single button, you’re one step closer to achieving victory in a slots game. It is a simple game that everyone can enjoy regardless of their skill level. All that is needed is to wait for that fate-defining moment with a click of your mouse. Bitcasino arranged its vast assortment of slot games into different themes such as:


Feel bewitched by the strong spells of fun and grandeur with magic-themed slot games in Bitcasino. The best games showcased by top game provider Play’n GO are the following:

  • The Sword and The Grail
  • Rise of Merlin
  • Street Magic
  • Lady of Fortune
  • Jade Magician


Epic and intense slot Viking games are available in Bitcasino. Put your luck to the test by trying out these games:

  • Vikings Go Berzerk
  • Minotaur
  • Vikings Go To Hell
  • Vikings Gods Gold
  • Viking Gods: Thor and Loki


Seeking thrill in your mundane life? Experience the adrenaline rush of playing Jackpot slot games here in Bitcasino. The most trending games you can start with are:

  • Joker Max
  • Tigers Gold
  • Joker Lanterns
  • Speed Cash
  • Golden Goal


Venture into a mystical world by playing Fantasy slot games in Bitcasino. There are loads of interesting characters and detailed graphics that transport you into another dimension. The most popular choices are the following:

  • Frozen Queen
  • Wild Sorcery
  • Carol of the Elves
  • The Faces of Freya
  • Rise of Olympus


Dance to the beat of victory when you play the best music-themed slot games. Here in Bitcasino, you can hear the best sounds of both fun and excitement mixed into one. Play the most fantastic games such as:

  • Saxon
  • The Respinners
  • Dancing Fever
  • Banana Rock
  • Hip Hop Panda
Best Table Games En


Level up your table game experience by playing roulette games and wagering on different numbers or colours on the betting table. The more you raise the stakes, the more exciting things unfold. There are loads of selections available here and you can use your favourite cryptocurrency when putting a wager. Some of the best versions you can start playing now are the following:

  • Classic Roulette
  • Lightning Roulette
  • Evolution Live Double Ball Roulette
  • First Person Roulette
  • Instant Roulette


Want to have a round of amazing casino card games where you can have a chance to win a lot? Go up against the dealer by playing Blackjack. To win, you need a hand that’s higher than the dealer’s or totals 21. Here are some of the featured Blackjack games:

  • Bombay Club Blackjack
  • Infinite Blackjack
  • Blackjack Squeeze
  • Blackjack Classic
  • Blackjack Classic Perfect Pairs
Live Casino Games En

Live casino

Playing live casino games is an engaging experience where you can play with a dealer anytime and anywhere. Try the different table games in a real-time environment that has a similar feel to a land-based casino. The following varieties under this are the following:

Live baccarat

Baccarat is an interesting card game that is suitable for both beginners and professionals with its amazing gaming interface, one of a kind graphics, real-time experience and captivating designs. The main rule of the game is simple: all you have to do is guess who has a higher hand value between the player and the banker. Experience the rush of excitement by giving these games a shot:

  • Bombay Club Speed Baccarat 1
  • Lightning Baccarat
  • Evolution Live Baccarat A
  • Bombay Club Live High Roller Baccarat
  • Dragon Tiger

Live poker

Poker is a game that may appear easy with only two cards in your hand but it is an interesting and challenging game because you can’t fully predict the outcome. To achieve victory, you must form the highest hand with your two cards and the five community cards dealt on the table. Your hand should be higher compared to other participating players. Choose from the top live poker games available in Bitcasino below:

  • Evolution Live Casino Hold’em
  • Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker
  • Double Hand Casino Hold’em

You can also play this table game by exploring the separate category of video poker games which includes the following:

  • Jacks or Better
  • In Between Poker
  • American Poker Gold
Live Rtp Games En

Live game shows

Your gaming experience in Bitcasino only gets better with the extensive range of games you can experience live. Aside from the various table games, you can watch and participate in various game shows here in Bitcasino. Enjoy real-time fun, fast and fair gaming with the following choices:

  • Live Crash
  • Crazy Time
  • Monopoly Live
  • Mega Ball
  • Evolution Live Dream Catcher

Casual games

Confused about what to play at the moment? Find the game that is catered to your preferences by discovering the allure of casual games. These are created to suit your liking and are different from the usual online games. The best choices available by game provider Spribe are the following:

  • Keno
  • Mini Roulette
  • Hilo
  • Dice
  • Mines

Skill games

Put all you got in trying the various challenges in skill games. It is a captivating set of games that are favoured by many, especially the younger generation. Instead of relying on pure luck, you can be rewarded depending on your skills and capabilities. The top skill games are the following:

  • Candy Wall
  • Jade Puzzle
  • Hammer of Fortune
  • Domino
  • Bura

You can learn more about these games and how to get better at them by checking out Bitcasino.

Multiplayer games

Multiplayer games are perfect for a fun night with your friends when you’re right in the comfort of your home. Stay connected and have fun with your pals while enjoying the most exciting list of games in Bitcasino. A great example of a multiplayer game is Aviator. Learn how to strategize and win this game by visiting the tips and tricks section of Bitcasino.

Slot Games En

Challenging games, favourable payment options

Gambling in Bitcasino is more fun because of the convenient payment methods. Here in this casino, deposits or withdrawals are made easy with the wide selection of payment choices listed below:


Ever since its creation in the late 2000s, cryptocurrency has become the best alternative to fiat money. It makes easier transactions with minimal work and fewer fees possible. Moreover, it uses a decentralized system that only involves the sender and receiver. Many new kinds of cryptocurrencies were created because of their sudden rise to fame in different parts of the world. The most popular digital coins are the following: 


Released by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, Bitcoin (BTC) is the largest and most notable cryptocurrency in the world. Bitcoin is created through mining and is made to solve double-spending problems and ensure the protection of your transaction from any danger. Transfers are simple because of the peer-to-peer process that do not require the need for an intermediary. Many opt to use BTC because of its cheaper fees, fast transactions and privacy.


With only a few seconds, you can complete an online transaction with Ether (ETH). Since its launch in 2015, it has become the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. You can use ETH for buying and selling goods and services, along with playing online casino games. What’s more, users of ETH can build decentralized applications that run in the Ethereum blockchain platform. These said applications can allow you to store and transfer personal data or handle complicated financial transactions.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin is an interesting cryptocurrency that was based on a popular meme of the misspelt word ‘doge’ along with an image of a Shiba Inu dog. Contrary to its unique beginning, it’s now the seventh-largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of 34 billion.

This cryptocurrency was created in the late months of 2013 by software engineers Billy Marcus and Jackson Palmer. It runs on blockchain technology that stores all transactions in a decentralized system, similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum. One of its best features is its faster and easier process for miners to complete and record transactions.


Ripple is not only a cryptocurrency, it is also a digital platform. It has an open-source process that makes transactions work faster at a low price. Across the entire Ripple Network, XRP is a token used to represent the transfer of value. Its main purpose is to act as a mediator between currencies, both cryptocurrencies and fiat money, and the different exchanges. 

Although Ripple (XRP) had its initial prototype in 2004, it was officially released in 2013. The co-founder of Ripple is Jed McCaleb who found many investors to fund Ripple Labs. Ripple boasts of its fast international transactions compared to Bitcoin and other banking systems.

Litecoin (LTC)

Officially released in 2011, Litecoin (LTC) was created as an alternative to Bitcoin. Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency made by Charles Lee, a former engineer of Google. Dubbed as the world’s first altcoin, Litecoin is similar to Bitcoin but with few differences. A key change that Charles Lee did in Litecoin is make mining with scrypt around four times faster compared with Bitcoin mining. It is a cheaper and faster platform that has no history of getting hacked.


Tron is one of the most promising digital assets in the market. Created by Justin Sun, this blockchain-based decentralized platform envisions a network where digital content can be seamlessly shared between creator and consumer to cut off third party apps. 

Aside from giving a platform for content creators, Tron’s technology can also be used to develop blockchain-based games. 

Since its launch in 2017, Tron acts as a bridge between content creators and consumers through the use of peer-to-peer network technology which eliminates high transaction fees. Tron’s native currency is called Tronix and can be used to purchase goods, services and other digital assets.


E-wallets are digital cards that allow you to make transactions using a computer or mobile device. It has a similar feature to a credit or debit card. A user can store his/her money in this prepaid account for any online transactions in the future.

Since this is protected by a password, you can buy various things online without worrying about the safety of your money. Aside from purchasing groceries and flight tickets through your e-wallets, you can also use this when making deposits for playing online games in Bitcasino. The different kinds of e-wallets you can use are the following:


Skrill is a digital wallet that lets you have fast and hassle-free transactions online. Use it for betting or playing online games in Bitcasino because it’s a well-trusted payment option loved by many gamblers. Since its establishment in 2001, it has helped various customers around the world spend money without problems.


SticPay is favoured by many because it’s a secured and fast e-wallet. Within a minute, you can send or receive money with your SticPay account. Moreover, transactions in any part of the world is no longer a problem with the use of this digital wallet. See Bitcasino’s website for more information.


Convenient, fast and famous is what makes Neteller stand out. It is a trusted e-wallet that allows you to easily send money and receive funds in return within a short amount of time. Apart from their money transfer service, Neteller also lets their users pay online such as for shopping or playing online casino games.


You can withdraw using a prepaid card with the help of EcoPayz. Contrary to other digital wallets, EcoPayz has cheaper fees and faster processing of transactions. It is a safe online payment service that makes spending and receiving money easier especially for international transfers.

Credit/Debit card

Credit cards and debit cards can make it easy and more convenient for you to make purchases in physical stores or online platforms. The main difference between them is that debit cards use deposited funds from a bank account while credit cards let you borrow money from the card-issuing company within a certain limit. The top credit and/or debit cards accepted in Bitcasino are the following:


Since 1927, Mastercard has been a globally recognized payment option. You can use it in over 200 countries around the world, making it a convenient option for many fiat transactions. Its well-known portfolio of brands and products include Maestro, Cirrus and MasterCard PayPass.


Visa originally only offered credit cards but expanded to include debit cards as well. It is a large payment processing network that has partnered with numerous banks all over the world. There are many gamers who love using this because it provides fast transactions with minimal to no additional fees.

Themes Games En

Play now, gain rewards after

Bitcasino has loads of special treats for its loyal players such as bonuses and timely offers. By clicking the ‘Promo’ tab located on the left side of your screen, you can find the different list of offers available in that specific timeframe. Gain great benefits by playing constantly here:

Loyalty points

By playing different games in Bitcasino, you can start gaining loyalty points. The more money you bet, the more points you can garner in your account. Bitcasino rewards all players that meet certain requirements with free spins and cashback. You can get up to 10% cashback as your level increases. Join our loyalty club by consistently playing your favourite casino games here!

VIP perks

The VIP section of Bitcasino can be found near the ‘Promo’ tab. It is a separate program that is our way of showing appreciation for our devoted players. This is a customized experience created to your liking. Expect the following benefits when you receive the special VIP invite:

Tickets to events you love

Being part of the VIP program gives you access to different events hosted by this casino in various parts of the world. Whatever event you are interested in attending, you can get an exclusive ticket through this club. Whether you are a sports fan or a car racing enthusiast, you can have the best seats in the house provided by Bitcasino. 

Guidance from VIP manager

Take your gaming experience to a whole new level with the help of a VIP manager. They are experts who will give you their full attention and care by giving personalized advice and tips. It is your chance to enhance your Bitcasino journey by reaping all the benefits that we have in store for you.   

Relevant updates

Receive the latest information about the different offers and promotions through Bitcasino’s VIP program. Utilize them whenever and wherever you want. You can get hourly updates on leaderboards, free spins, wager-free bonuses and more, all at your fingertips as a VIP member.

Game Providers En

Best partnered providers for a phenomenal gameplay 

Bitcasino continuously grows because of the vast selection of gaming providers we have partnered with. They give us interesting and challenging games with out of this world themes, detailed graphics and smooth gaming performances. The leading gaming providers in our online casino are the following:


Microgaming is the first company that released online casino software in 1994. Then in 2004, they released their first mobile casino software. To this day, they still provide iconic games to many leading operators around the world such as Bitcasino.   

Yggdrasil Gaming

Yggdrasil Gaming is a Malta-based company founded in 2013. They are known for creating engaging games that use modern designed graphics with varying themes such as historical, fantasy and winter. Examples of their most popular games are Vikings Go Berzerk, Crazy Bomber and Jammin Jars to name a few.  


With 20 years of experience in the industry, NetEnt is at the forefront of online gaming. It is a company famous for its detailed designs of slots and other casino games. They are one of the top suppliers of gaming systems available in Bitcasino. 


OneTouch specializes in providing mobile-friendly games you can play with just one hand. Browse through different kinds of games made by OneTouch in Bitcasino and try some of the crowd favourites such as Forgotten Pharaoh, Baccarat and MVP Hoops. 

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is a popular company that continuously paves the way in providing live casino experience to online players. They have different studios set up in varying parts of the world that allows you to play their live-streamed table games in real-time. The top featured games of Evolution Gaming in Bitcasino are Crazy Time, Blackjack and Instant Roulette.

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is one of the leading providers in the gaming industry. They have a vast range of games that are innovative and suitable not just for desktops but also for mobile phones. It is an international company that has labs in various locations such as Malta, United Kingdom and Ukraine to name a few.  


Since its establishment in 2012, Ezugi has provided mobile and web live dealer games to big online casino operators such as Bitcasino. Ezugi is famous among Bitcasino players for its live dealer games such as Bombay Club Live Roulette and Bombay Club Blackjack 2.  


Betsoft is a popular casino game provider founded in 2006. Their games have creative and elaborate graphics that engulf you into a fantasy realm of fun and excitement. Try the different games of Betsoft like Take Olympus that has an engaging audio-visual display.

More Slot Games En

Inquiries? Contact us now!

About Bitcasino

Is Bitcasino licensed?
Yes. Bitcasino has a gaming license from Curacao eGaming.
Is Bitcasino available internationally? can be accessed globally as long as your country’s laws allow online gaming.
Is Bitcasino available in other languages?
Yes, Bitcasino has the following eleven language translations available:
Is everyone allowed to play in Bitcasino?
The age requirement for playing Bitcasino is at least 21 years old, however, this varies depending on the stipulated gambling age law in your country. Aside from the age restriction, there are no other qualifications needed to create an account in Bitcasino and anyone can play regardless of race and nationality.
What else can I find on Bitcasino website?
Bitcasino is more than any other online gaming platform. Aside from our wide selection of casino games, we also provide different types of content that can enhance your experience. Discover all the information you need by visiting our website:
-News about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
-Testimonials of avid players of Bitcasino games
-Blogs about tips and tricks to win
-The best and latest games available in the market
-New games suited for your current skill level
-Advice on how to gamble responsibly

Signing up

How do I create a new account?
In the topmost part of the homepage of Bitcasino, you can find the ‘Sign up’ button. After clicking this, you will be directed to a page where you’ll be required to fill in the important details such as your desired username, email, birthday and password. You can also sign up directly using your Google or Facebook account. When you tick the boxes agreeing to our terms and conditions and about receiving offers, your new account will immediately be processed and good to go.
Do I have to verify my account?
Yes. Bitcasino requires you to verify your account so you can join our site without any problems. It ensures that only you can access your account and that all the benefits will directly reach you.
How to verify my account?
The verification process of Bitcasino is made simple for our users. All you have to do is provide any proof of your identification such as your passport or any government-issued ID. Also, you are required to send a clear copy of your bank account statement or a recent utility bill within the last three months. This document should have your name and address written on it so we can confirm your identity.
What happens if I forgot my password?
On the chance you forget your password, click the ‘Forgot password’ button at the bottom of the login page. Fill in your email address then press ‘Reset password’. Check your email inbox to see a message from Bitcasino about the link for changing your password. When you click this link, it will direct you to a page where you can enter your new password.
How do I remember my password?
An important tip to help you remember your password is to write it down on a piece of paper or on your phone. If you wrote in on paper, place it somewhere safe where you are the only one aware of its location. Another thing you can do is make the password unique enough that only you would understand its meaning. Avoid using your nicknames or birthdays so you can better ensure the protection of your account.
Do I have to use Google Authenticator?
Google Authenticator is a mobile application that has a two-step confirmation process that adds an extra layer of protection to your account. This is a random six-digit number code that you have to type whenever you are logging in to Bitcasino. It is advisable to use this so you can feel safer when making transactions on our website. You can download this from the App Store for iOS or Play Store for Android devices.
Can I change my username or email address?
Unfortunately, you can’t modify your username or email address once fully registered. If you want to make changes, you would have to close your current account first. After this, you can then make a new account with different details.

About playing

Can I play all the games in Bitcasino?
Yes, you can play the wide range of games available in Bitcasino but this varies on your location. However, you can opt to use a VPN so you can fully gain access to all our games regardless of where you are from. If you are not keen on using this option, it’s alright because there are still loads of games provided in your region.
Do I need to be an expert to play casino games?
One of the best things about Bitcasino is our casino games are catered to both beginners and professional players. This is why we have a demo play feature on our website so you can play whatever game you want without anything at stake. Moreover, we provide guides on how to play different games along with tips to achieve victory.
What should I do if the game suddenly stopped?
Refresh the page if your game suddenly stopped working. If this does not fix the problem, send us a message through the LiveChat feature of Bitcasino. We will gladly assist you anytime and guide you through solving this issue.
What should I do if an internet connection problem occurs during my transaction?
If ever you encounter an internet connection problem during your online transaction, contact us immediately so we can solve it for you. Additional information about you will be asked in order to confirm that this account belongs to you.

For payment

How can I make a payment in Bitcasino?
Bitcasino has lots of payment options and they are modified depending on your location. We accept most currencies for fiat transactions. Also, you can make a payment through cryptocurrencies. We accept any of the following:
-Bitcoin (BTC)
-Litecoin (LTC)
-Ether (ETH)
-Dogecoin (DOGE)
-Ripple (XRP)
-Tron (TRX)
-Tether (USDT)
-Cardano (ADA)
What’s the best payment method?
Since there are different payment methods in Bitcasino, choosing the best would depend on your preferences. However, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are more favoured by many players since it has many benefits such as:
-Remaining anonymous
-No third parties
-Free from tax
-Little to no transaction fees
-High level of privacy and security
How do I deposit money into my account?
A deposit can be made through your account by scanning the provided QR code. However, this depends on the mode of payment you plan to use. You can find the ‘Deposit’ button on the top of the page. Choose the type of currency you want to deposit in the ‘Funds’ tab, then click ‘Deposit’. The deposit methods list has all the payment options available so select which one you prefer most. After filling in all the needed details, you can press ‘Deposit in [currency]’.
How do I withdraw my winnings?
To withdraw your winnings, you need to find the withdraw button on your profile page. Select the currency you are currently using then choose the desired amount that you plan to cash out.
How long does a transaction in Bitcasino take?
Bitcasino is proud of its easy and quick transactions. It will only take a few minutes to make a deposit or withdrawal through our website, though it still depends on the speed of your internet connection. Moreover, there are no high additional fees since there is no intermediary during the process.

Offers and bonuses

How can I get a bonus?
You can garner a bonus in Bitcasino when you continuously play our games. If you want to become eligible for a bonus, you can also go to the promotions tab on our website to see the different offers available.
How can I use my bonus?
Find your bonus offers at the top right corner of the page. By clicking on your balance, a menu will flash on the screen. Choose the ‘Rewards’ button then press ‘Enable’. Your bonus will immediately be activated afterwards.
How many bonuses can I use?
Bonuses are used one at a time but you can continuously garner more of them by playing lots of games in Bitcasino.
How do I increase my loyalty points?
You can stock up on loyalty points by continuously playing games in Bitcasino and placing higher bets each time.
How can I join the VIP club?
Joining the VIP club is on an invitation-only basis. In order to be part of this exclusive program, you have to make large bets and play different games in Bitcasino. You will receive an official invitation once you are eligible for this club. Moreover, there is a notification in your account that shows your status if you’re levelled up to a VIP rank.
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